Odessa Walks is not just a tour company. We are a team of people, united by the same values and principles: we are passionate about guiding and history. We are proud of our family roots and love our hometowns – Odessa, Constanta, Varna and Nessebar. We are excited to meet new people and treat them as personal friends who happen to be visiting. We share our emotions and personal stories on the tours and always hope our guests visit our hometowns more.

Hey world travelers! I am Olga and I am the founder of Odessa Walks. I’d like to share with you our company story.

My journey to building Odessa Walks started in 1998, when with a suitcase and a BA degree in English and German I left my home country and went to California to attend a business school. What made me move across the ocean back then? Passion to see the world and interest in exploring my career options. And while studies were certainly important, I together with a bunch of likeminded friends extensively traveled.

After obtaining an MBA degree I have worked in California, London and Moscow before finally making a decision to return to Odessa, my anchor city, to build something of my own, based on what I love most: meeting people, this amazing city and its rich heritage. Odessa Walks Ltd. came to live in 2011.

Since the company’s founding, I was extremely fortunate to meet exceptional people and enthusiastic guides who joined our team in Odessa, Constanta, Varna and Nessebar. Together we pioneered a lot of interesting tours, including our original Tour for History, Culture and Food Lovers in the Black Sea ports.

As a company, we’ve gone through growth and geographic expansion into other Black Sea ports, and loosing a lot of business due to unrests in Ukraine and crisis in the Black Sea region. What made us carry on? Love for what we do and passion for our home cities. We’ve become more creative and knowledgeable, launched new original tours and built new partnerships.

If you’re looking for memorable and fun experience in Odessa, Varna, Nessebar and Constanta, we’ll be honored to create one for you.

Olga Bokhonovskaya